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Third Party Distribution

We have over 20 years experience marketing, selling, merchandising, warehousing and distributing a range of different brands in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.  

Sales and Marketing

Our large sales team specialises in sales to pharmacies and major retail accounts.  Our sales team are all employed by Sax which enables us to train our sales team, direct the teams efforts and ensure accountability for each product range.

Marketing efforts typically focus on sales catalogues, in-store promotions, special offers, point-of-sale marketing materials and customer samples.

Merchandising and Training 

Our sales team not only sell products but merchandise products in-store to make sure they are optimally positioned and displayed with any applicable point of sale material. 


Our sales team also trains pharmacy and other retail staff so that they appreciate all the attributes of any product ranges.  

Logistics and distribution

Orders are taken electronically so that stock can be distributed in an efficient manner form one of our warehouses.

Warehousing, product picking and logistics, customer service and accounts are all done in-house resulting in a very efficient logistics and distribution operation. 

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