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How to submit an order:

1.  View any of our products via category drop box links (click descriptions).  If you do not have the drop box app, when prompted select proceed to website to view.

2.  To order any products, submit your order providing product codes and quantities using links below via either:

  • contacting your sales rep

  • emailing Sax at:

  • accessing the excel Order Form to the right and then downloading a copy (from "save as") and emailing the attached order.

3.  Before submitting an order, our terms and conditions can be viewed to the right. 

Note, prices exclude GST and min order size is $100, $300 for freight free (otherwise $25).


Please scroll down for visual instructions.


If you see this prompt at the top of the excel sheet, please click on enable editing.
You will not be able to edit without pressing the button on your document.

To get started, please enter your customer details on your document. This ensures that when the order is sent to use, we have a clear understanding of where the stock will be charged and sent.

If you do not know your Pharmacy Code (Account Number or Customer Code) you can leave this blank and we will search it up through our system.

Quite simply, to add to your order, please input the item or prepack code into the first column. (1)
Then add the quantity you're wanting into the second column. (2)

(1)            (2)

Please adhere to the minumums shown in the third column.

When you put the item or prepack code in, the form will automatically generate the details of the item, including the status, description and pricing. 
The status of the product will advise if the stock is currently available or when it will become available for dispatch. If the description has an asterisk (*), it means the stock is not available for immediate dispatch.


Please note, if the details generate with *** Item Not Found ***, the product is out of stock, available in prepack only or the code entered is incorrect. Please see example below:


As you add to your order, the total bar will automatically calculate the prices from each item and display them at the top of the form. 

Please note that if you have not inputted a quantity in the "Quantity" column, the total will not calculate that item.

If you need to specify a delivery date or have any notes on shipping or general comments on the order, please type this in the comment box on your document.

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